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FAQ & Rental Policies

Rental period

The tool rental day is 24 hours Monday thru Friday, except for towable equipment. Towable equipment can be picked up anytime after 7:30AM. It must be returned by 8AM the following morning.

Rentals picked up on Saturday at anytime, are due back by 5:00pm and incur a 1 day rental charge.

Sunday (Closed) Equipment picked up between 4:00 and 5:00pm Saturday is due back between 7:30-8:30am Monday for a 1 day charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

Yes, delivery is available. There is a charge based on the particular order and the distance to be traveled. Please call us for a quote.

How can I pay for my rental?

All County Rental accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and local checks for payment of rentals. If you would like us to bill you or your company, it is necessary to first establish a charge account. Deposits are taken in cash, check or credit card in person or by fax with our credit card authorization form.

When do I pay for my rental?

All payments and deposits are required at the beginning of the rental period.

What do I need in order to rent?

If you or your company has an established charge account with ACR, we follow the guidelines provided by your company. For an individual or company that does not have and account with us, we require, at a minimum, a valid New Jersey driver's license, plus the payment and/or deposit for the rental.

Can I get a better price if I rent an item for an extended period of time?

Yes. Our rates do vary from half-day, weekly and monthly rental periods. On most equipment a weekly rental is equal to approximately 2.5 days, and a month is equal to approximately 3 weeks. For most party equipment, Friday to Monday is equal to one "day" rental.

Can I reserve an item?

Yes. We recommend reserving equipment ahead of time as the best way of insuring availability when you need the equipment.

How far ahead must I reserve an item?

The best suggestion we have is to reserve what you need as soon as you know you will need it (especially party items). Availability varies widely by the item, day of the week, season, weather.

When does my rental time start and stop?

Your rental time starts when the contract is opened. Your time stops when the contract is checked in by your rental agent. You are charged for time out, not time used. For party rentals, the time period is more "event" oriented. We will take your special circumstances into consideration and charge accordingly.

Is a rental day for 24 hours?

See policy statement above.

Do I have to wash equipment before I return it?

Construction and homeowner equipment should be returned reasonably clean if only to protect your vehicle. Party equipment such as china, glassware, and flatware should be rinsed clean. Linens do not need to be washed but should be returned free of debris. Food service equipment such as grills and hot dog cookers should be washed for sanitary reasons. A cleaning deposit is automatically required for grills and certain other equipment.

Do you sell the other supplies I need to complete my project?

For almost everything that we rent, if there is an accessory or product that goes with it, we sell it. We sell carbide blades, nails, staples, sandpaper, earplugs, gloves, carpet cleaning detergent, and many more things. If you need it for you project along with your rental equipment, just ask your rental agent and we will have it.

Do you sell propane?

Yes, please call for a quote for your specific needs.

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